Carpet Cleaning Company that Goes Above and Beyond Expectations

Where do I begin in showing my utmost positive impression and experience with this company. Let me start by first saying I am a recent widow and this company is one of two that I have had experience and interactions with that did not and I repeat did not take advantage of me of being a widow as many other companies, corporations and individuals have.

The service reps that I’ve had, I’ve had Orion, and I’ve had Dan, they are absolutely on top of it! My carpet is different I have a high-end plush top scale padding specialized carpet that can only be cleaned by the process that they provide. I cannot use home steamers I cannot use spot remover sprays I cannot use any type of chemical whatsoever only hot water and rags to get things out of the carpet and it actually works. However it still needs to be cleaned just as all carpets do and they are the only company that I was able to find locally here around Tacoma area that provided the type of cleaning that I needed.

They did an excellent over and above job. When Furniture had to get moved they did that and protected the furniture underneath with coasters or paddings and they pre-vacuumed, very deep pre-vacuumed way better than what I could do.

My most recent appointment and cleaning which was today, was again over and above any type of expectation that I could’ve had. I was unable due to my physical conditions to complete a full vacuuming before their arrival and I was told by the manager that they vacuum regardless if you pre-vacuumed or not because they have a heavy duty high powered vacuum that they like to use first to make sure, and hear this loudly, that they want to make sure that all debris down in the carpet, not just on the surface, is removed before they start their cleaning process.

Can you believe that? A company that actually cares about the service that they are providing! They strive for and are able to obtain their goal of excellent service and the best experience and outcome with the cleaning process they provide.

Also I had Orion, which is my carpet rep that was here. He was not only friendly and open to listening to me but he took what I said, of what my needs and expectations were, and reflected it back to me to make sure that he understood them and then implemented what he needed to do to obtain those expectations and goals.

Imagine a company that actually listens to their customers! To what they really want , and then applying it and following through with it the way that they asked for or expected, without cutting corners, without doing it their way anyhow and doing it with respect for the customer.

I just cannot say enough glowing and great things about them. I’ve had nothing but really bad experiences with other companies and agencies that are not carpet cleaning companies, but just in general that just don’t care. They ignore you if they mess up, they don’t fix it, they charge outrageous rates for something that you didn’t get and they do the double talk saying one thing and doing another.

Wolfe’s Carpet cleaning is not like that at all!!! They are definitely respectable, above board, transparent, and overall supportive and goal oriented. They do the best job possible to satisfy the customer. But not just satisfy the customer, but also surprise them with their overall professionalism and skill sets. Thank you Wolfe’s Carpet Cleaning! I appreciate you guys greatly and I will see you again in another 5 to 6 months!

So if you’re thinking of having your carpets done don’t go anywhere else, Don’t do it yourself, don’t hire another place , don’t do any of that. Pick up the phone and call Wolfe’s Carpet and Upholstery!

I hope this helps to guide you to make an educated and positive, best decision to use this company. I tell you what, if they ever went out of business I would be lost . But I don’t think they will ever go out of business because they have excellent policies and procedures that their employees follow to the T. They have excellent employees that have honor and integrity and especially the owner of this company. He definitely has honor and integrity and overall consideration and respect for the customer and their home. Where else can you find that? Thank you.