Wolfe’s Is the Best

I can not say enough good things about Wolfe Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners! They are the BEST at what they do. I first used them in July of 2014 to clean the tile counters in the kitchen and bathrooms of the new house I had purchased in Graham. I also have a home in Arizona with about 1,600 sq ft of tile so I know a bit about what quality tile cleaning should entail and look like when it is finished. This company did not disappoint. They did a fabulous job and answered all of my questions to my satisfaction. I am a very type A individual who expects a job done right the first time and an amazing end product, and that is exactly what I was given. They did such an amazing job the first time I called them up a couple of weeks ago from Texas, where I now reside, to see if they would be able to clean the carpet and tile again in my home in Graham after the tenants moved out. With short notice they were more than happy to accommodate me. In fact, I called and spoke with the owner, Chris Wolfe, in the morning and he was able to have the same technician who cleaned my tile in 2014 come to the house and clean the carpet and tile and reseal the grout that same afternoon! Once again: an amazing job! There are so many companies who do a slip-shot job in this industry and leave things half clean and sticky. Wolf is not one of them: this is an amazing, professional, ethical, well-managed team of individuals who put the customer first and go above and beyond to meet and exceed expectations. I am so glad to have found Wolfe Carpet and Upholstery. I highly recommend them as they do great work and the owner, Chris, is a joy to work with! Thank you again for the great work!